Surface Grining Machine

Surface Grining Machine

Max. weigth of work-pieceFrom 120 kg to 600 kg
Max. longitudinal movementFrom 510 mm to 1130 mm
Max. cross movementFrom 238 mm to 450 mm
Max. distance between center of coloumn - table450 mm, 580 mm
Automatic crossfeed0,1 - 8 mm/min

The Surface Grinders GKM-series have high-precision, ground and hardened prism guideways and an automatic Z-axis feed.

Surface Grining Machine Features

  • Big smooth running, highest accuracy at low temperature structure
  • Inclined ball bearings
  • Grinding spindle with maintenance-free, preloaded precision angular contact bearings
  • Automatic feed in transverse and longitudinal
  • Hydraulic table longitudinal movement of the Y-axis
  • Double V-guide ways for the longitudinal movement
  • Combined V and flat bed guideways for the cross movement
  • Guideways hardend and ground
  • External hydraulic unit
  • Automatic central lubrication

Surface Grining Machine Accessories

  1. Grinding disc
  2. Flange for grinding disc
  3. Balancing wheel
  4. Halogen work light
  5. Demagnetizing device
  6. Wet grinding device
  7. Electro magnet 200x460 mm