Vertical Turning Lathe - CV series

Vertical Turning Lathe - CV series

The family of vertical turning and milling centers, CV, developed by AMCO is designed to meet the precision and productivity requirements of our customers. The CV series is intended for the processing of rotating parts with diameter dimensions from 1000 mm to 5000 mm, and a maximum height of 4000 mm.

Our lathes meet the tolerance conditions according to ISO 3655:1986,  lathes safety norms according to EN 12478:2000 European standard. A special version of vertical centers with fixed cross - rail CV - R series is developed for rotating parts with  the maximum height of 1000 mm (ex. bearing rings, flanges, toothed crowns, etc.). The CV series is equipped with accessories that considerably increase it’s processing field, such as:

  • Horizontal milling / drilling head;
  • Rotary milling / drilling head;
  • External tooth milling head;
  • Internal tooth milling head;
  • Radial grinding head;
  • Front grinding head.

This unique one allows the whole part to be processed on a single machine.

Click on image to download Lathe CV Series PDF Catalog

cv series lathe amco catalog

Equipment used:

  1. Driving motors type: Fanuc or Siemens;
  2. Numerical controls: Fanuc or Siemens;
  3. Measuring systems (linear / angular): Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens;
  4. Hydraulic equipment: Dropsa, Atos, Bosch, etc.;

SKF high precision bearings.

Standard features:

  • Clamping Jaws;
  • CE certified machine safety guard;
  • Chip conveyor;
  • Universal port-tools for turning;
  • Machine lighting system;
  • X, Z axes covers

Optional accessories:

  • Complete safety guard;
  • Disc type ATC with 6 / 12 / 16 stations;
  • Cooling system 3 /20 / /40 / 80 bar.
  • Angular milling head;
  • W axis covers;
  • CNC bi-rotary milling head.

Operations than can be performed on the machine:

  1. Main operation: turning, including:
  2. Longitudinal turning : Internal and external;
  3. Facing: Internal and external;
  4. Grooving: Internal and external;
  5. Face grooving;
  6. Profiling: Internal and external;
  7. Undercutting;
  8. Boring;

For the lathes with C - axis, milling operation appears besides the turning operation:   

  1. Facing;
  2. Boring;
  3. Profiling;
  4. Drilling;
  5. Threading;
  6. Grooving;

Depending on the customer’s requests, our lathes can be manufactured with two heads: 

  • Turning/Turning;
  • Turning/Turning - Milling;
  • Turning - Milling / Turning - Milling.