Drilling Machines

Drilling Machines

BKM 5040 drilling capacity in steel40 mm in ST 45
BKM 5032 drilling capacity in steel32 mm
BKM 5030 drilling capacity in steel30 mm
BKM 5040 dimensions1010 x 580 x 2330 mm
BKM 5032 dimensions880 x 515 x 2220 mm
BKM 5030 dimensions870x550x2220 mm

High-quality drill presses for industrial use. The machines are also suitable for multi-shift operation.

Drilling Machines Features

  • Digital depth measuring device
  • Drilling table with t-slots
  • Easy and fast speed changes by gear shift
  • Smooth running by hardened and ground gearwheels operating in oil-bath
  • Threading attachment
  • Electromagnetic clutch for boring quill feed
  • Autofeed for quill
  • Cooling device
  • Electric drive for table height adjustment (nur BKM5040)

Drilling Machines Accessories

  • Drill chuck arbor
  • Drill chuck
  • Adapter MK4/MK3 and MK3/MK2