Drilling and Milling Machines

Drilling and Milling Machines

KAMI FKM 350 PDSpindle speeds 75-3200 U/min
KAMI FKM 350 PLSpindle speeds 75-3200 U/min
KAMI FKM 350 PVDSpindle speeds 80 - 3200 U/min stepless in 2 Schaltsteps
KAMI FKM 350 PLVSpindle speeds 65 - 3200 U/min stepless in 2 Schaltsteps

The drilling and milling machines of the 350 series persuade the customers by its solid construction, the various options and an extraordinary workmanship. On the basis of this series, we manufacture in Germany our own PC controlled CNC machines according to customer requirements.

Drilling and Milling Machines Benefits

  1. Digital depth measuring device
  2. Adjustable depth indicator
  3. Adjustable guide ways by V-ledge
  4. High smooth running by hardened and ground gear in in Oil running
  5. Roller bearings for concentricity <0.015 mm
  6. Forward / backward motor rotation
  7. Prism guideways in all axis
  8. Gear head 90 ° swivel-mounted
  9. Chip protection with safety circuit
  10. Digital speed indicator (only FKM350PVD / PLV) leadscrews in all axis (only FKM350PL / PLV)
  11. Manual central lubrication (only FKM350PL / PLV) electronic adjustable speed with 2 steps for optimal power transmission (only FKM350PVD / PLV)

Drilling and Milling Machines Accessories

  • Cover for guideway for Y and Z-axis
  • Drill chuck arbor