KAMI Lathes DKM series

KAMI Lathes DKM series

Lathes KAMI DKM 1000er seriesHeigth of center, 500 mm
Lathes KAMI DKM 800er seriesHeigth of center, 400 mm
Lathes KAMI DKM 660er seriesHeigth of center, 330 mm
Lathes KAMI DKM 420er seriesHeigth of center, 210 mm
Lathes KAMI DKM 360er seriesHeigth of center, 180 mm

KAMI DKM 1000 series with 130 mm spindle bore. Ideal for roughing and finishing tasks at high turning-diameters. KAMI DKM 800 series have a gear helical toothed, hardened and ground and an adjustable multi-plate clutch and main spindle bearing.

KAMI DKM Series Lathes Benefits

Benefits of KAMI DKM Series Lathes

  • Hydraulic clutch adjustable (only DKM1000H)
  • Hydraulic brake system for main spindle (only DKM1000H)
  • One-hand-lever-technic for feed (only DKM1000H) central lubrication (only DKM1000H)
  • Swing lubrication in gear box (DKM1000 only)
  • Gears hardend and ground
  • Manual guideway lubrication
  • Adjustable main spindle bearing
  • Gap
  • Rapid feed in longitudinal and cross
  • Following splashguard
  • Overload clutch in apron
  • Cooling device
  • 3-axis digital readout