CNC drilling and milling machines

CNC drilling and milling machines

KAMI BKM 7150 CNCSizes of worktable 1020 x 380 mm
KAMI 350 PL CNCTable size 730 x 210 mm
KAMI FKM 350 CNCTable size 800 x 240 mm
KAMI FKM 350 A CNCTable size 800 x 240 mm

PC-controlled heavy drilling and milling machine Due to the box frame construction and massive axial and radial main spindle bearings, the machine can be used as coordinates drilling machine or for heavy milling jobs. The high quality of the workmanship and the alterations that we perform in Germany guarantee a high value retention and optimal machining results.

CNC Drilling and Milling Machines Benefits

  1. Extremly wide and solid box frame construction made of cast iron for heavy duty applications
  2. Prism guides for drilling head
  3. Motorized positioning of the drilling heads
  4. Stepless speed in 2 gear steps for optimal power transmission
  5. Threading attachment with adjustable depth indicator
  6. Central lubrication for extended lifecycle of the guideways
  7. Autofeed for quill
  8. Electromagnetic clutch for powerful boring quill feed
  9. Digital speed indicator
  10. Cooling device
  11. Automatic tool mounts
  12. 3-axis digital readout

PC-controlled drilling and milling machines with ISO 30 spindle taper.
Positioning accuracy is 0.02 mm / 300 mm

CNC Drilling and Milling Machines Benefits

CNC drilling and milling machines optional equipment

  1. HF spindle for speeds up to 24000 RPM
  2. Electronic Handle wheel (CNC Graf)
  3. Tool length sensor

CNC drilling and milling machines features

  • Step motors for 3 axis
  • Control cabinet with 3 driver cards
  • Alternate control systems e.g. mach3 upon inquiry
  • Cooling device
  • Central lubrication
  • Full cabin (only FKM350A)

CNC Control Benefits - KAMI

CNC Control Benefits - KAMI

CNC control software CNC Graf Pro with drawing function for 5 axes. With the drawing function, complex contours or drilling patterns can be created even without programming knowledge. Files in DXF, HPLG and EPS / AI CAD formats can also be opened and processed directly.

  • STOP function for milling / drilling, stop and continue
  • Display of the drawing, the machine area and the workpiece in 2D as well as in 3D
  • Integrated wizards such as: wizard for calibrating the tool length sensor
  • Wizard for setting up the machine parameters
  • Macros for defining work sequences
  • Radius compensation with a graphic display
  • Support for automatic tool changers
  • Backlash correction for all 5 axes
  • Area monitoring for all axes
  • Teach-in for saving positions
  • Tool length measurement
  • Exact determination of the milling time. Total running time of the machine
  • Motor current reduction for all axes in the idle state
  • Import of the file types: HPGL, DXF, ISEL NCP, EPS / AI (PS-Adobe-3.0), DIN 66025, SVG
  • Drilling file Excellon, Sieb & Maier
  • Future-proof, as software updates are free


Controller for controlling stepper motors with uninterrupted pulse output.

  1. 24 protected inputs and outputs
  2. 3 analog inputs, inputs for reference switches • Start / Stop and other signals
  3. All inputs on CON2 and Con3 are opto-isolated

Hand control

Manual control for moving all 5 axes via one wheel (optical end encoder). The membrane keyboard with LED lighting can be used to move step by step with 0.1mm or 0.01mm. (adjustable in cncGraF Pro). The milling speed can be changed during the milling process using a potentiometer. Functions: Execute reference, approach zero point, approach parking point, spindle on / off, set zero point X / Y / Z, pump on / off, start job, continue job, pause, abort are permanently integrated.

  1. EMERGENCY STOP switch integrated on the housing
  2. Membrane keyboard with LED lighting
  3. 12 free additional keys for function assignment