Bed Type Milling Machines

Bed Type Milling Machines

KAMI FKM 8200Table dimensions 2500x575 mm
KAMI FKM 8150Spindle speeds 40 - 1600 / 12 Steps
KAMI FKM 5140Sizes of worktable 1400x400 mm
KAMI FKM 760Spindle speeds 94 - 2256 U/min 16 Steps

KAMI heavy milling machines with drilling function and tilting head and synchronous milling capability.

Bed Type Milling Machines Features

  • Gears hardend and ground
  • Threading attachment
  • Automatic feed X- and Y-axis
  • Motorized Z-axis adjustment
  • Automatic boring quill feed
  • Electrical height adjustment of the milling head
  • Central lubrication
  • Big control panel
  • Cooling device
  • 3-axis digital readout

Bed Type Milling Machines Accessories

  1. ISO 40 collet chuck set
  2. Drilling chuck with ISO 40 arbor